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Troubles with logging in or signing up

If you're experiencing issues with logging in or signing up, follow these simple steps:

✔ Check Your Information

Make sure you're using the correct username and password. Pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.

🔑 Reset Your Password

If you've forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot Password?' on the login screen to set a new password.

👤 Unique Accounts for Each Game

Remember that every HODL Games title has its own unique account. Ensure you use the correct login credentials for the specific game you want to play.

💤 Account Inactivity

If you haven't played for a long time and your account has been removed, you can always create a new account to start fresh.

📩 Contact Support

If the above steps don't help, don't hesitate to contact our support team at for further assistance.

We're here to help you get back to enjoying your favorite games.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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