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Optional purchases

Do you want to make faster progress in your favorite games or add some extra sparkle to your gameplay?

Then optional purchases at HODL Games might be right for you. We offer items like fictional diamonds and starter packs to enhance your gaming enjoyment, but please remember that these purchases are entirely optional.

Purchases such as diamonds and starter packs are entirely optional. You can still enjoy our games without buying anything.

ℹ️ Here are some important points to know:

Age Requirements: Players under 18 years old require parental or guardian consent to make purchases.
Important Documents: Please carefully read our terms and conditions, game rules, and refund policy to stay well-informed.
Violations: Please note that permanent suspension due to rule violations will result in purchases being forfeited without refund or transfer.

Also Read: Compensation policy

Play responsibly and discover how optional purchases can enhance your gaming experience.

When a round or season comes to an end, there is usually a reset, and everything is lost, including all optional purchases made with real money for diamonds and other in-game items, unless the platform specifically indicates otherwise. However, a VIP account will remain active.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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