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No moderation for external chats

Stay on our platforms: Our HODL Games platforms provide a fun and interactive gaming environment where you can connect with fellow players and friends. The best part? Our dedicated moderators are there to ensure that everyone adheres to the game rules and behavioral standards. We highly recommend staying within our platforms for the most controlled and secure experience.
No control elsewhere: Unfortunately, we have no authority to intervene on external platforms and apps not directly affiliated with HODL Games. This means we cannot oversee or moderate beyond our own gaming environment.
At your own risk: If you choose to communicate with other players or individuals outside our platforms, you should be aware of the risks. We have limited capabilities to assist you if issues arise in external chats.
Fake messages warning: In the past, some players have even fabricated entire fake conversations on external chats. We want to emphasize that we can never verify the authenticity of such conversations, and investigating them would be a time-consuming task.
What to do: If you still, against our advice, decide to chat outside our platforms and receive inappropriate messages, we recommend blocking the person to stop the conversation. Additionally, we encourage you to report the inappropriate behavior through the specific platform where it is taking place. The moderators of that platform and, if necessary, local authorities can then take action.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable gaming environment within our own platforms that everyone can enjoy.

Updated on: 14/09/2023

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