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Name Policy

Article 1: General Availability of Names

1.1 Users acknowledge that all usernames on HODL Games platforms are freely available for use by any registered user.
1.2 A user cannot claim exclusive rights to a username based on prior selection or use.

Article 2: Prohibitions and Sanctions

2.1 Usernames that explicitly or implicitly refer to diseases, hate speech, obscene or otherwise inappropriate material are strictly prohibited.
2.2 Accounts found in violation of Article 2.1 will be immediately suspended or deleted, without recourse to appeal or compensation.

Article 3: Inactivity and Release of Names

3.1 In the event of non-activity by a user for a consecutive period of 28 days, the username will automatically become available for registration by other users.
3.2 Users are solely responsible for maintaining activity to retain their chosen name.

Article 4: Trademark Protection

4.1 Names that fall under a valid and active registered trademark may be excluded from use upon request by the trademark holder.
4.2 In such a request, the trademark holder must provide the necessary legal documentation to substantiate their claim.

Article 5: Amendments and Interpretation

5.1 HODL Games reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.
5.2 Interpretation and enforcement of this policy are at the exclusive discretion of HODL Games.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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