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How do I report suspected cheating?

At HODL Games, we strive to provide a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all our users.

If you suspect someone is cheating or behaving inappropriately in any way, we encourage you to report it. Here's how:

👤 Visit the profile: Go to the profile of the user in question to gather more information about their behavior and activities.
⚠️ Report the profile: Click on the "Report" button on the user's profile.
ℹ️ Provide a reason: Tell us why you believe this user is behaving inappropriately. Be as specific as possible about what you have observed.
🕵️ Attach evidence: If you have any evidence, such as screenshots, chat logs, or other relevant information, please include it in your report. The more evidence you can provide, the better we can investigate.

Our team will carefully investigate your report and take appropriate measures to maintain the integrity of our gaming environment. Thank you for your help in ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone at HODL Games!

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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