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Contributing to a positive atmosphere

We appreciate you as a member of our community and want to ensure that all our players have a positive and respectful gaming environment.

Maintaining a good atmosphere is essential for the enjoyment and inclusivity of our platform. In this article, we explain how you can contribute to a positive atmosphere and why it is important to follow the code of conduct and content policy.

Remember that you are playing against real people, and just like you, they have feelings. We encourage you to send messages that you would like to receive yourself. Treat other players with kindness and understanding. It's normal to have robust discussions, but always remain respectful, even if you disagree with others.

🤝 Respect the Code of Conduct and Content Policy

At HODL Games, we have established a code of conduct and a content policy to ensure that our community remains safe and respectful. Violating these rules can result in sanctions, including temporary or permanent suspensions from our platforms. A specific point of emphasis is the use of names, images, and other content that violates our code of conduct and content policy. This includes content related to players who have received sanctions, such as mutes or bans. Such content is not allowed and may result in action against your account.

❗ Avoid Inappropriate Comments

At HODL Games, we do not tolerate derogatory, racist, sexual, or otherwise insensitive comments. We ask you to respect the diversity within our community and refrain from posting content that humiliates or intimidates others based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. It is important that our platform remains a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

🚫 No Inappropriate Names, Profiles, Texts, or Images

It is not allowed to use names, profiles, texts, images, or messages that are inappropriate or violate our code of conduct and content policy. This includes hate speech or content that can hurt others. Ensure that your content is respectful and suitable for all members of our community.

⚠️ Report Violations

If you come across inappropriate behavior, names, or content that violates our rules, we encourage you to report it to our moderation team. Together, we can ensure that HODL Games remains a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

🧠 Awareness of Sanctions

When a player receives a sanction, it is done after careful consideration and clear reasons. This means that the individual in question has posted something on one of our platforms or has done something that violates our code of conduct and content policy. Sanctions are intended to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all players.

It is important to understand that starting campaigns such as #FreeKillerQueen, advocating for the reversal of sanctions, can lead to chaos and promote a negative atmosphere on our platform. We understand that you may be concerned about sanctions imposed on fellow players, but it is essential to realize that these decisions are not arbitrary. They are based on evidence of violations of our guidelines.

Therefore, we want to emphasize that spreading content related to players with sanctions, such as mutes or bans, is not allowed. Promoting such content may result in action against your account because it has the potential to divide the community and negatively impact the gaming experience for others.

Let's work together to maintain a positive and welcoming gaming environment for all players at HODL Games. Respect the decisions made in the best interest of our community and collaborate to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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