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Communication on our platforms

On the HODL Games platforms, you have the opportunity to send messages to other users through our messaging system.

We encourage positive communication and respectful behavior to maintain a friendly and enjoyable environment for all users. Here are some important guidelines for communication on our platforms:

🤝 Be respectful

Treat other users with kindness and respect, regardless of their background, opinion, or experience.
Avoid discriminatory, offensive, or hurtful language and behavior.

🗞️ Adhere to behavioral rules

Read and follow HODL Games' rules and guidelines. These rules are in place to ensure a positive and safe environment.

⚠️ Reporting inappropriate messages

If you receive inappropriate messages from other users, please report them through our reporting system.
Reporting inappropriate behavior helps us take prompt and effective action.

🚫 Consequences for violations

Do not send inappropriate messages, as this may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your messaging capabilities.
Enforcing these rules is essential to creating a safe and pleasant environment for all users.

Also read: Safety tips and Code of conduct and content policy

With your cooperation, we can promote a positive community culture.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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