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Your virtual BFF

Leah chats about everything that interests you - whether it's fashion, movies, or fun facts!

Please note that this chat is in beta, so hiccups are possible. Certain moods may be temporarily unavailable. Asking the wrong questions can alter Leah's mood. Sometimes your bestie even has a husky voice! 🎙ī¸

đŸĒ™ Credits

Using Leah A.I. comes at a cost, which is why we use virtual credits within Leah A.I. You use these credits to receive text and voice messages from Leah. Sending messages to Leah A.I. itself is free.

📜 Some commands for Leah A.I. on Telegram

/balance (check balance)
/deposit (buy credits)
/settings (change settings)
/character (Switch between the English and Dutch versions of Leah)
/mood (change Leah's mood)

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Updated on: 10/08/2023